Data-Driven Operation

Energy Systems Design & Operations

We design and operate
the integrated energy
system of the future.

Process Optimization

Data Engineering For Energy Industry

We use data
engineering to improvise
the energy industry.

Performance Improvement

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

Our use of AIoT boosts
IoT operations and human-machine interactions.

Revenue Acceleration

Industrial Cloud Digital Applications

We develop and customize cloud digital applications to boost operational efficiency.

About Us

We are a Data-Driven Technology Company

EinNel Technologies was started as a research and development center in 2010, mainly focusing on vehicle design and development process.

During the past 12 years, we have evolved as an innovation and technology center, providing value-added solutions in the field of Automotive, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Energy, and Construction. By leveraging our AI/ML and Data Science expertise, we are providing Industrial Analytics solutions to various manufacturing and process industries to enhance their operational excellence.